A highly motivated Business Intelligence student who's always looking for exciting opportunities.

I'm Regina, a student from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), campus Guadalajara, who's also certified by Google as a project manager. I enjoy watching my projects grow and succeed. Guided by results and experienced with complex-problem solution development, I love working with multifunctional teams and excecuting strategies.


Challenges that I have overcome

Regression analysis with a newly created database

After four months of collecting data, I used Excel to develop an accurate formula to calculate calories in food.

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Interactive dashboard

With a great team, we used Tableau to create an interactive dashboard and give relevant information to the company "El Güero Alteño".

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Webpage coding and design

As the girl who spends her free time coding with her coffee, I built this website with CSS, HTML and Java Script.

Project plan

For my certification, I developed a complete project plan for the imaginary company "Office Green".

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GenO Experience at Oracle

Since August, 2023, I've had the amazing opportunity to become a member of Oracle's team through the GenO (Generation Oracle) internship.

Galletas Para

With my bestfriend, we started a 45 day project with a single objective: to contribute to gender equity in our community. For every cookie sold, 100% of profits were donated to an organization aiming to support women who had suffered from gender-based violence.

Instagram account plan

Places and sites where I've learned


Bachelor's degree Business Intelligence

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (2021-Present)

Through different challenges and student-to-business interactions, I'm getting ready to explore real-world data and bring smart solutions to organizations.

High School

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (2018-2021)

A period of change and growth not only because of new subjects, but also because of the pandemic's effects on education.

Honorific mention

From elementary to Junior High

Varmond School (2009-2018)

I studied in Varmond School since kindergarten actually; at this trilingual school, I learned from speaking english to communicating assertively with others.

Extracurricular experiences

Project Execution

Coursera (May, 2023)

Executing a project is a highly complex process; but it is also essential. By completing this course, now I know how to start a project, keep it on track, communicate adequately, and have a closure.


Effective Oral Persuasion Workshop

Mar Adentro Civil Association (March, 2023)

This workshop helped me to better understand the importance of persuasion skills and how to use them to get benefits from an individual to an organizational level.


Project Planning

Coursera (March, 2023)

Through this course from Google, I was able to understand the importance of following all the steps to plan a project, as well as the main tips to organize a team.


Project Initiation

Coursera (January, 2023)

This was the second course from the certification. After completing it, I had learned about how projects begin and the best ways to build them.


Foundations of Project Management

Coursera (January, 2023)

The first course from my certification helped me understand how important project management processes are and why are they necessary.


Transformar para Trascender

Concious Business Center (September, 2022)

During a whole week, I had the opportunity to work with the Conciousness Business Center (CBC) to develop my soft skills and I even got the chance to chat with Fred Kofman.


Introduction to R

DataCamp (July, 2022)

Introducing myself to R programming language through this course has been one of my best decisions. I learned how to use data frames, vectors, lists, and much more.


Introduction to Machine Learning

Engineereng and Sciences school of TEC de Monterrey (June, 2022)

A workshop in which all of us, the students, learned about the main concepts of Machine Learning and its huge impact around the world.


Data Science Math Skills

Coursera (June, 2022)

Through Coursera, I took an amazing course on the mathematic foundations of Data Science from Duke University.


Competencies and expertise areas

Team Work 100%
Communication skills 100%
Project Management 85%
Adaptability 100%
English 90%
Compromise 100%
Microsoft Excel 85%
Python 55%
R 50%
Tableau 86%
Power BI 55%
CSS 30%
Java Script 20%
A bit about me

About a girl who's overly excited to reach her goals

October 16th, 2003 was the day in which I was born, in Morelia, Michoacán (that's right, where Cinepolis originated from). I grew up as a curious girl who was always trying to figure out how the world worked; and whose superheroes were, and still are, her parents and older sister.
I've been through all kinds of hobbies, from reading and playing the ukulele, to half-marathon running and programming. Spending time with my friends and family, visiting new coffee shops, cooking, travelling, and exercising are some other activities that fill my heart up.
It's interestig how can a 4.5ft person can have such big dreams and achievements... yes, I'm talking about the mexican figure Benito Juárez! But him as well as other leaders have taught me that I am capable of changing the world through technology myself.

I would love to grow with you! Let me know if you feel the same way.

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+52 (443) 331 6682